4/30: Chloe Eklof, Choir Teacher

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Chloe Eklof uses song to articulate the bittersweetness teachers feel for their students’ culminating milestones cut short. Featuring original tune “The Last Three Months.”

Interview begins at 8:27.


  • The governor has issued a memo increasing language access to COVID-19 information
    • Vital information from state agencies will be translated into Washington’s 37 most commonly used languages, and placed on the agencies’ websites, as well as at coronavirus.wa.gov.
    • Multilingual employees of state agencies will be included in a language access pool, and may be called on to provide emergency translation or interpretation services.
  • The state has updated its COVID-19 webpage to include a risk assessment dashboard to visualize how the governor and state agencies are making decisions on how and when to reopen parts of the economy and lift contact restrictions.
    • The dashboard can be viewed online at coronavirus.wa.gov under the “What you need to know” tab.


  • A Special Tacoma City Council Meeting on Coronavirus Updates will take place tomorrow, May 1st, at 2pm
    • Attendees can watch the meeting on the city’s Facebook Live page, on TV Tacoma, or at https://tvtacoma.com.
    • Participants can also call in to listen by dialing (253) 215-8782 and entering the Webinar ID: 836 0101 6378.
  • Tacoma Public Schools announced it will be holding virtual graduation ceremonies for the class of 2020 this June. Students and families should check school emails or call the school switchboard at 253-571-1000 for information on “Cap and Gown Distribution Parades” happening in May for each high school.
  • Hilltop residents who lack wifi access may contact the Hilltop Action Coalition to get set up with a donate WiFi hotspot by emailing hacoffice15@gmail.com or by calling (253) 442-8848.
  • Tacoma Police detectives have been alerted to a local scam where suspects call victims posing as police officers threatening arrest and asking for prepaid cards to pay off warrants.
    • The Tacoma Police Department NEVER collects money for fines of any nature, even during the stay-at-home order, and advises any recipients of the calls to disengage, even if the caller seems to provide officer names and supposed badge numbers.