4/16: Dana Coggon, Vanquisher of Noxious Weeds

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Dana Coggon is BACK, this time to talk about managing noxious weeds, from they annoying but tasty blackberry to more nefarious flora like giant hogweed or poison hemlock.

Interview begins at 5:38.


  • The Washington State Department of Health is now able to report both positive and negative testing results from Coronavirus tests.
    • Data have been updated back through April 4 on the department’s website at doh.wa.gov.​
  • Governor Inslee is expected to hold a press conference alongside the Employment Security Department Commissioner at 3:15, so we may break into our 6pm rebroadcast to provide any updates.
  • The Washington State Park Foundation invites all Washingtonians experiencing cabin fever to attend the Great Washington Camp-In at 6:30pm Friday, April 17, streaming live on YouTube
    • Activities include talks from the Parks Commissioner and interpreters, celebrity chefs who will share favorite camping recipes, musicians hosting a campfire sing-along, cultural performances, and poetry readings.
    • Campers can tune in online at WaParks.org, or call 360.701.7923 in advance to request accessibility accommodations.


  • The City of Tacoma reminds individuals that if you are feeling stressed, worried or anxious, text “HEAL”–that’s H-E-A-L– to 741-741, and you will be connected to a trained crisis counselor. Individuals can also visit CrisisTextLine.org for the same service online.