4/13: Jasmine Iona Brown, Public Art Creator

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Jasmine Iona Brown talks about the path that led her to Tacoma, her upcoming sculptural installation at the Eastside Community Center, and a photomural series portraying African American youth engaged in everyday teenage activities.

Interview begins at 6:27.


  • The governor has issued a proclamation that gives high-risk workers the right to protect themselves from COVID-19 without jeopardizing their employment status or loss of income.
    • Workers 65 years and older, and workers with underlying health conditions now must have the right to an alternative work assignment, including telework if feasible.
    • They must be given the ability to use any accrued leave or unemployment benefits if an alternative work assignment is not feasible and the employee is unable to safely work.
    • Employers must maintain health insurance benefits while high risk employees are off the job, and cannot permanently replacing high-risk employees taking leave.


  • Pierce Transit will now only allow 15 people will be seated on each bus to ensure social distancing. Once the bus has seated 15, the driver will have to continue until passengers deboard before picking up more people.
    • Pierce Transit has added “shadow” buses to some highly traveled routes to make sure no one misses their ride.
    • Riders may visit PierceTransit.org or call (253) 581-8000 for further information.


  • The US Department of Agriculture has launched a resource page for agricultural producers impacted by COVID-19 at usda.gov/coronavirus. Individuals may also call the local Farm Service and Natural Resource Conservation office at (253) 845-9272.