3/27: Antonia Hernandez, Local Artist and Doula

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This Daily Briefing features artist, doula, and parent Antonia Hernandez, in a conversation about doula work and how some folks are expanding their birthing options, including consideration of home birth. Antonia also explores how her job and art interconnect, and gives us an inside peek at unstructured parenting.

Interview begins at 7:43.

Note: Due to technical difficulties, the first two minutes of this recording are at a lower quality than usual.


  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, advises those seeking to help, donate, or volunteer in the coronavirus response that cash donations to the non-profit of your choice IS THE BEST donation.
    • You can call 703-778-5088 to reach the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster to ask for vetted non-profit orgs supporting COVID-19 response efforts.
    • Or visit NVOAD.org to see the list online.
    • FEMA says not to collect or make donations until you are sure it is needed, who will accept it and how it will get there is worked out.
  • FEMA states that adequate supplies of blood are needed to treat patients in hospitals, especially with the cancellation of many blood drives.
  • Bloodworks, Northwest states that blood donors are exempt from stay-at-home orders in Washington and Oregon.
    • The organization is encouraging blood donations, which must take place through scheduled appointments to ensure social distancing protocols.
    • Donors are also encouraged to make future appointments for April and May to ensure availability of critical blood supply.
    • Call the Contact Center at 800-398-7888.
    • Appointments may also be scheduled online at schedule.bloodworksNW.org or by emailing schedule@bloodworksNW.org.


Link: Spread-Facts

  • All grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, and other things necessary for continued operations remain open right now, with 6-foot social distancing measures.
  • Many workforce sectors are still in operation, including energy, food and agriculture, emergency services, healthcare, transportation and logistics, water and wastewater, IT and communications, and government. The full list of essential business and workforce sectors is available in detail at coronavirus.wa.gov. Click on the “What’s open and closed” tab.
  • The State Emergency Management Division assures that there has been no disruption to the supply chain that delivers goods. If we all purchase what we need without hoarding, there will be enough for everyone. Some other clarifications from them are as follows:
    • Essential workers are permitted to travel to and from work without a special permit.
    • The WA State Department of Agriculture notes that there is no reason to believe we can get COVID-19 from our pets, either by them licking us or by us petting their fur.
    • There is no vaccine or specific treatment for COVID-19. There is nothing you can take, inhale, or rub on yourself that will protect you from this virus or cure it.
    • Gov. Jay Inslee made the National Guard available to be used and, on March 22, President Trump agreed to put Guard soldiers and airmen on Title 32 status, enabling them to be paid by the federal government. As of March 27, the Washington State National Guard still didn’t have any missions and weren’t assigned for COVID-19 response. The Guard welcomes questions from callers at 253-512-8989.


  • The City of Tacoma is offering small loans up to $15,000 that require no repayment for a year to small businesses with 10 employees or fewer who have been operating in Tacoma for at least a year and who can document a significant loss in revenue due to COVID-19.
    • Funds may be used for working capital. Lack of equity and collateral will not disqualify eligibility.
    • Applicants must complete the COVID-19 Pre-Application Form online. Go to Cityoftacoma.org, click on COVID-19 Stabilization Loan Fund, and follow links and instructions.
    • Remember that you can always call 311 to reach the city information line, and you can email covid19loan@cityoftacoma.org with questions.
  • The Proctor Farmer’s Markets for Saturday, March 28 and Saturday, April 4 have been cancelled.